Exceptional Parent

As a special educator, I’ve worked in preschools and as an early intervention provider. While I loved working with babies and children, I found my greatest passion is working with parents. Having the opportunity to ease a parent’s stress by showing them teaching strategies or just listening to their fears and frustrations is fulfilling work. Nothing feels better than teaching parents how to advocate for their children’s educational rights.

Four years ago I started working as the outreach coordinator for the Alliance of Private Special Education Schools of North Jersey.  I get to help parents and school districts find appropriate private special education school options. Check out what I have to say about school placement in the current issue of Exceptional Parent Magazine.


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One thought on “Exceptional Parent

  1. it has been hard on my family as it is for so many other families I worry about BEN I don,t think about him dying but getting sick and what he would go though I worry about other members in my family. As for me in this world I feel that special children have a special place in our hearts . So I will just keep praying and hoping this dark cloud hanging over us will soon be gone and all of us can get back to enjoying our families again


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