Welcome To My Norm. Now Do Your Part.

Suddenly graduation is the least of our worries.

When this month began, my work calendar was loaded with special education conferences. As worries of the Coronavirus intensified, each organization cancelled their large gatherings and my calendar cleared. No work means no pay. I know many people in this situation. It’s stressful but as I deleted each event, money wasn’t the first thing on my mind.

This isn’t the first time I’ve lost jobs, money, or my freedom to illness. Every time Benjamin gets sick, my life goes on hold and I’m reminded that everything I thought was important-isn’t.

Benjamin’s health and life are more important than work or debt.

I am worried, but worry is not a new state of being for me. Any respiratory infection could kill Benjamin.

Although the heightened media presence of the Coronavirus has me more concerned and has placed me in a higher state of preparation, there is one thing I can not listen to anymore.

I will echo what others have been saying, but so many still haven’t taken to heart.

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