Dear Social Security Administration,

I wanted to share a post my beautiful friend Jesse wrote today. I’m frustrated by her experience and I’m pretty pissed about the things we’ve had to deal with since our children reached 18 years of age: Social Security, Selective Services, Guardianship….It’s been a real joy. Good thing our kids are so amazing. Send some love and good vibes to Jesse and Jack. They’ve had a hell of a day.

smiles and duct tape


Dear Social Security Administration,

Stop wasting our fu*king time! I’m begging you. I’m coming close to a breakdown and my family needs me. I appreciate that there are people who wish to take advantage of the “system”, but I assure you — we are not one of them. AND, I realize that there are people who might not clearly qualify to receive Social Security benefits. Unfortunately, Jack more than qualifies.

1.) Are you working? No
2.) Is your condition “severe”? Yes. I find this almost insulting to answer.
3.) Is your condition found in the list of disabling conditions? Jack has five of these conditions.
4.) Can you do the work you did preciously? Never worked.
5.) Can you do any other type of work? Jack cannot bag groceries, shred paper or walk down the street without someone holding his hand. I’ve often thought he would make a great professional hugger…

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