In the Middle of the Night

All parents have middle of the night illness stories:  fevers, earaches, and all sorts of messy situations. No one is exempt. We are united by anxiety and lack of sleep. Parents of children with special needs or chronic medical conditions have their own unique late night challenges.

I am grateful for every uneventful evening. My boys have always been cooperative about keeping a reasonable bedtime schedule. But some nights just don’t go as planned.

My essay, “A Glimpse” is featured in the January issue of Literary Mama.



2 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Night

  1. Joanne, you are so strong and brave. I remember that when I first started teaching pre-school at Horizon School, my biggest fear was that a child would have a seizure. I knew it was only a matter of time. Although I learned what to do, seizures will always scare me.


  2. Thank you Bette. There are many times I certainly don’t feel strong or brave. We all do what we have to do in the moment. Seizures are scary. No doubt about it. I often feel we are unreasonably habituated. Unless it’s something atypical, we just go about our day afterwards. I know it’s all about survival. Benjamin has taught me so much about that!


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