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GMA3: Student-athlete makes positive change in quest to keep running

The Philadelphia Inquirer

CNN: Parents of teens with special needs find themselves alone in Covid-19 lockdown

Patch: West Orange Family Raises Disability Awareness, Celebrates Life

People and Families Magazine: Dance Lessons p. 16

The Rumpus:

Death, Doorways, and Dance

Exceptional Parent Magazine:

Looking at School Placements from Both Sides of the Table

Brain, Child Magazine:

Bury My Son Before I Die

The Surgeon’s Words Haunt Me

The Huffington Post:

The Moment I Knew

Moving Forward

The Washington Post:

Marijuana Could Improve My Teen Son’s Life, But We Won’t Know Until it’s Legal

Literary Mama:

A Glimpse


On the Eve of Sweet Sixteen

The Invitation

The Mighty:

To the Teacher Who Suggested My Son With Autism Belonged in a World of Make Believe

Motherwell Magazine

On reminding our kids to be kind


HuffPo Live

Happy Together Documentary Clip 1

Happy Together Documentary Clip 2